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The Pipeline Association of Louisiana (PAL) is an industry group comprised of hazardous gas and liquid pipeline operators in the State of Louisiana. PAL’s primary goal is to educate emergency officials, public officials and excavators on their different roles in local planning, response, and safety procedures while working around a pipeline. 

As a collaborative group of pipeline operators, members of PAL are able to share information pertaining to pipeline integrity, safety, communication, and damage prevention with our stakeholders while reaching out with a consistent and unified message. The purpose of this effort is to reach the most broad group of individuals to promote pipelines safety and awareness.

PAL prides itself on hosting engaging educational meetings each year in a number of locations across the State of Louisiana. These meetings offer member company representatives and the stakeholders an opportunity to discuss pipeline safety in an interactive forum over either lunch or dinner. Representatives of each member company are available after the meetings to discuss any specific issues and provide promotional items pertaining to pipeline safety. 

A schedule of dates and locations is provided in the meetings section of this site. Typically, an interactive lunch session is held for emergency officials, and a dinner in the evening for excavators. Sign up yourself and your co-workers to attend a PAL meeting in your area!

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming meetings in your area.  Check our meeting schedule page to see when programs should be available.

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